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Doc's Proplugs protects against:  ear infections, prevents swimmers ear and middle ear infection, surfer's ear 
- blocks water from entering ears but allows sound to enter
- ideal for: Recreational Use, Swimming, Bathing
- Doctors Recommend DOC'S PROPLUGS!: Hundreds of thousands of PROPLUGS are in use today to protect children. After ventilation tube operations on the ears, shampoo and soap lower surface
tension and allow dirty water to pass through ventilation tubes infecting the middle ear
- Minimize risk of painful ruptured eardrums caused during high speed falls
- Prevent swimmers ear from frequent water irritation and exposure

Doc’s Proplugs protects against high frequency hearing loss:
- Ideal for musicians, light industry workers and airline attendants
- Blocks out high frequencies but allows one to hear music and verbal communication with clarity
- Average attanuation: 20 dB across the high frequencies (2oo0Hz to 8000 Hz). NRR: 7

Doc's Propluggs

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